[10 packs] MICRO INFECTION MONSTERS + ROCK'IN JERRY BEAN / “M.I.M” Random pack 2022

[10 packs] MICRO INFECTION MONSTERS + ROCK'IN JERRY BEAN / “M.I.M” Random pack 2022



今回は独特のエロティックなタッチで世界的に有名なアーティスト:Rockin’ Jelly Beanさんのアイコンでもあるマスクヘッドがラインナップに加わりました!

ランダムパック x 10個となり、コンプリートセット等ではございませんのでご注意ください。




New color of M.I.M is now on sale! In this time, new heads of the mighty artist named Rock'in Jerry Bean are added to the line-up!

This is 10pcs set sales.
However, be attention that random pack x 10 pcs set and inside is till invisible.

The color has 3 variations. The head is total 16 variations, Body is 2 types.
Blind black package and contains 1 character by random.
You can't select the character inside.

You may have the luck to get the chrome gold head versions!

About H60mm size.

Because of the size issue, if you will buy less than 5 pcs of this item only, we will ship by envelope not box.


【Please be sure to read】
*As for the International order, please mail to info@secret-b.com with your info and the title you want to buy.
*Please read this page http://www.secret-b.com/page/1 if you are the first time customer.
*We may not be able to offer you the stock in the case this item is sold out quickly.
*We have the right to cancel your order or we may not accept your all and every orders to buy the same items.
*Please make an order and payment by the same customer.
* Don’t keep putting and displaying this item near to hot or worm places like inside the car. It will cause damage or deformation.
* We can’t accept the refund or exchange for the reason of the quality of clear soft vinyl like bubble inside.
* We can not accept returning because of the damages on the package.
* We can't accept the refund , exchange for the reasons based on the customer issue.
* This is set sale and we don't offer individual sale for the particular character.
* Chrome is easy to peal off. Please handle with care.

販売価格: 16,500円(税込)