X-RAY RAT FINK ポップソケット / Popsocket

X-RAY RAT FINK ポップソケット / Popsocket


SECRETBASEオリジナルのRat Fink X-Rayデザインが落とし込まれたスマホアクセサリー:ポップソケットです。
カラーはブラック。オンラインストア、SECRETBASE TOKYO店頭でお買い上げ頂くとオリジナルステッカーも付属。

Popsocket SIze:H3.9cm
Sticker Size: about H 7.0cm



Popsockets with the original design of X-RAY Rat Fink.
Color is black.
If you will buy this item through our online store or our shop in Tokyo, you will also get sticker until stock ends.


※ONLINE STOREからご注文のお客様は、商品購入後、自動送信メールが来た段階ではまだご注文は完了されていません。こちらから2通目のメール(もしくはPAYPALのご請求書)を送らせて頂きますので、それまでお待ち下さい。

Please be sure to read
* As for the International order, please mail to info@secret-b.com with your info and the title you want to buy.
* Please provide full info we need when you place your order ,otherwise, we give the priority to another customer.
* Please read this page http://www.secret-b.com/page/1 if you are the first time customer.
* We may not offer you the stock in the case this toys is sold out quickly because we accept all orders from first come.
* We have the right to cancel your order or we may not accept your all and every orders to buy the same toy.
* We can not accept returning because of the damages on the package.
* the order should be placed by the same person who will pay, please.
*This item is made in china.
*This is official licensed item.

販売価格: 1,980円(税込)