[SPECIAL CAMPAIGN] Karakasa Tattoo Man Full Color Clear Ver. #1

[SPECIAL CAMPAIGN] Karakasa Tattoo Man Full Color Clear Ver. #1


[スペシャルキャンペーン実施中・SPECIAL CAMPAIGN]
Please read the all descriptions carefully.

2019年8月12日から販売開始となりましたKarakasa Tattoo Manが対象商品となります。
今回で全6種類販売となりますKarakasa Tattoo Manのまとめ買いがお得すぎる企画です!

1体 9,000円
2体 15,000円
3体 20,000円
4体 22,000円
5体 24,000円
6体 26,000円


SPECIAL CAMPAIGN will applied to the 6 types of Karakasa Tattoo Man including the new one we released on 2019 Aug 12.
if you will buy multiple items of Karakasa Tattoo Man, the price will be

1 pc 9,000 yen
2 pcs 15,000 yen
3 pcs 20,000 yen
4 pcs 22,000 yen
5 pcs 24,000 yen
6 pcs 26,000 yen

be attention please that shipping cost is not included.
Please wait for our invoice after you placed your order.

Size: H19cm

※今回のKARAKASA TATTOO MANは観賞用アイテムです。実際に激しく遊ぶ事は出来ません。


Please be sure to read
* As for the International order, please mail to info@secret-b.com with your info and the title you want to buy.
* Please provide full info we need when you place your order ,otherwise, we give the priority to another customer.
* Please read this page http://www.secret-b.com/page/1 if you are the first time customer.
* We don't receive this order before we put on this item the web site for sale.
* We may not offer you the stock in the case this toys is sold out quickly because we accept all orders from first come.
* We have the right to cancel your order or we may not accept your all and every orders to buy the same toy.
* We can not accept returning because of the damages on the package.
* The order should be placed by the same person who will pay, please.
*TATTOO parts is easy to peel off if you scratch or touch hardly. Please handle with care.
*This is not playable toy. For the claim of not stand, please use hairdryer and find the best position but not dry on tattoo print too much.
* We can’t accept the return for the reason that Karakasa doesn’t stand.
* Don’t keep putting and displaying this item near to hot or worm places like inside the car. It will cause damage or deformation.
* We can’t accept the refund or exchange for the reason of the quality of clear soft vinyl like bubble inside.

販売価格: 9,900円(税込)