ЯOR 精密機械怪獣 - Magnet Monster T-Tank

ЯOR 精密機械怪獣 - Magnet Monster T-Tank



Toy SIZE: 250mm

Magnet monster with New Head and tale version by ЯOR is now on sale!
This toy comes with 55mm sized Mini toy.
We are sorry that we can’t accept the return or exchange for this item.

※ЯOR 精密機会怪獣・オマケTOYのカラーパターンや種類をお選び頂くことはできません

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* Please make an order and payment by the same customer.
* We are sorry that we can’t accept the return or exchange for ЯOR's item.
* You can’t select the color pattern as well as the characters of mini bonus toy.
* Don’t keep putting and displaying this item near to hot or worm places like inside the car. It will cause damage or deformation.

販売価格: 20,350円(税込)