Please read all content as below when you order.

When you have products you would like to order,
please write or email the following information in English or Japanese.

1.Your name

2.Your telephone number

3.Your home address and country

4.The products name what you would like to order

5.The quantity how many you would like to order

6.If your paypal account is different from your email address,
please tell us your paypal account and email address.

We will email and reply about the availability within 48 hours after we get your order email.
Please email your decision whether you will order within 48 hours after you get our above mentioned email and check the price including the shipping rate.

When we get your final decision via e-mail again, we will put your ordered stuffs aside.
If we could not confirm your emails within 48 hours, we regard you cancel your order automatically even though you have any reasons.

After we get your decision and confirmations , we will send an invoice via Paypal.
Please pay for it within 72 hours after you got our invoice. If you don't pay within 72 hours, we regard you canceled your order as well.
In this case, we might not accept your order from next time. Please understand in advance.

We want to provide our products to more customers smoothly and widely and customer’s satisfactions are important to us, therefore, we have above mentioned rules. Your understanding is much appreciated for that.

*Basically, our sales are final. Please look twice before order.