【NEW ITEM】THE REBEL INK RED S.F. 58 Exclusive 1/21(土) 正午12時 通販限定 販売開始!

【発売日】 1/21(土)  正午12:00〜
【On sale】 January 21st Sat. at noon 12:00 (Japanese time)

※ONLINE STOREのカート注文http://www.secret-b.com、もしくは店頭への電話注文
※ONLINE STOREからご注文のお客様は、商品購入後、自動送信メールが来た段階ではまだご注文は完了されていません。こちらから2通目のメールを送らせて頂きますので、それまでお待ち下さい。

※ Only selling by mail order for this product.
※ We released this product at TOYSHOW on Jan 9th at Tokyo,
so if you live in Kanto area (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa) you can't order this time.
※ Limited - one person for one product.
In case of mail orders, it should be one product in each family.
(Order from the same address is invalid)
※ We accept order by ONLINE STORE http://www.secret-b.com
or a telephone order(03-3403-8188).
We are sure that it will be hard to connect telephone at that time,
so if you have internet access, please use online store. Thank you.
※ Ordering by online store, after you finish purchase you will receive confirmation mail automatically. However, at that moment we are not sure still have left products. So please be patient and wait for receiving our second mail.
Thanks for your understanding.
※ The order BEFORE 12:00 at noon will be invalid.