★☆★2012 HAPPY HALLOWEEN CAMPAIGN Vol.2★☆★ 開催!!

10月4日(木) ~ 10月31日(水)

今回発売したM.I.M. G.I.D.に加え、今あるM.I.M.シリーズ、M.I.F.M.シリーズ、M.I.A.シリーズの中から3つご購入毎に、スペシャルHALLOWEENスタンドをプレゼント★



*Not included toys.

【 Date 】
October 4th Thu. to October 31th Wed.

You will get HALLOWEEN STAND for M.I.M. not for sale version when you purchase 3 pcs M.I.M. or M.I.F.I. or M.I.A.
(at store / online store / mail order)
And include special secret ver.
Will be finished as soon as all key holder are gone.