Karakasa Tattoo Man Full Color Ver.

Karakasa Tattoo Man Full Color Ver.



彫ひろデザインのKARAKASA TATTOO MANフルカラーの新色の発売です!

New colorway of KARAKASA TATTOO MAN designed by HORIHIRO now on sale.
Mesh package with Karakasa sticker!

Size: H19cm

※今回のKARAKASA TATTOO MANは観賞用アイテムです。実際に激しく遊ぶ事は出来ません。


Please be sure to read
* As for the International order, please mail to info@secret-b.com with your info and the title you want to buy.
* Please provide full info we need when you place your order ,otherwise, we give the priority to another customer.
* Please read this page http://www.secret-b.com/page/1 if you are the first time customer.
* We don't receive this order before we put on this item the web site for sale.
* We may not offer you the stock in the case this toys is sold out quickly because we accept all orders from first come.
* We have the right to cancel your order or we may not accept your all and every orders to buy the same toy.
* We can not accept returning because of the damages on the package.
* The order should be placed by the same person who will pay, please.
*TATTOO parts is easy to peel off if you scratch or touch hardly. Please handle with care.
*This is not playable toy. For the claim of not stand, please use hairdryer and find the best position but not dry on tattoo print too much.
* We can’t accept the return for the reason that Karakasa doesn’t stand.

販売価格: 10,000円(税込)